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Teen Titans Go! Comic confessions are accepted.

What really annoyed me as a child is how some characters eyebrow color doesn’t match their hair color.

I liked it when Raven had long hair

When I first watched ‘The End’ Part 3, I cried so much at such a small scene. The scene where Raven is trying to make Robin “get up” after Trigon “blasted” the Titans still makes me cry. It looked like Robin was dead (I mean, he wasn’t moving!) and you could see in Raven’s eyes that she thought so too as she tried to shake him to “wake up”

At the end of ‘Lightspeed’, I cried when Jinx picked up the rose and Kid Flash sped off into the night.

I don’t like how they made Jinx, don’t get me wrong, she’s my fave character, but they could have been nice and gave her eyebrows and boobs.

To be honest, I don’t like Jericho’s sideburn things.

I don’t understand why people make a big fuss when I say I ship SpAqua. Oh well get over it.

I love how Beast boy is vegetarian

I don’t like the snow episodes

The amount of not safe for work stuff that has been in the Teen Titans tag lately is horrifying. Can no one tag it as such? It hurts me to see…

I was really angry at the end of ‘Revved Up’. Because I’m such a curious person, I needed to know what was in the box. And when I thought they would show it, they didn’t.

Jinx is my favorite character, next to BB, and I still don’t know if I liked the fact she turned against her own team, or not.

Do YOU like Teen Titans go??

I love teen titans go. I love the concept of bringing back teen titans in a more goofier way that is literally silly fan fiction come to life, I love the art, the voice actors, the episodes.

I think that since we didn’t get a season 6 (or haven’t gotten it yet) I feel like Teen Titans Go was their way of saying: “Oh, we can’t leave them without another season, but take this! here you go!”

The episodes make me truly happy because we see our heroes in another light, a more goofier and open side that we might’ve not seen before on the show, and for that, I am truly grateful. So basically, Teen Titans Go is the best that could’ve happened after the DC shorts based on the Titans.

I wish, more than anything that Kid Flash would have had more of a main role in Teen Titans because him and Robin are my favorite DC characters.

I never had Teen Titans when I was younger. It once was on the tv in my country, but for a short period and very early in the morning. I never knew the series, till this year. It’s like it’s always been a part of me. Even I didn’t have it in my childhood. So after I watched the whole show this year, I don’t mind not having it earlier. Now I love it, and not as a childhood memory.