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Teen Titans Go! Comic confessions are accepted.

I think it’s obvious that Raven loves BB, and just wants to keep her title as the dark type. (Or is just embarrassed)

If I were Rorek for a day I'd find a way to get myself powers. HEHEHHEEEEE

THAT DOesn’t sound as smart somehow

If I were Raven for a day I'd fly everywhere and look through her books to find a way to get powers myself

this I never actually though about omg

very smart

If I were Jinx for a day I'd play with her powers and ditch the Hive and go find Flash (I SHIP IT ALL THE WAY) but I'd also try out being a bad girl for once.

I believe we all aspire to be Jinx someday

If I were Beast Boy for a day I would eat all kinds of meat to shock the titans and play with shapeshifting. Plus hit on Raven... just to see what its like to hit on someone for once.

how about becoming a chicken and then eat fried chicken while being a chicken, now that’s a shock

If I were beastboy for a day I'd turn into a bird and shit on people I hate

I feel you

Hey hey let’s play a game

send a message answering the question:

"If I we’re *insert Titan’s or character’s name here* for a day I would…"

I’ll post them and see what you guys come up with cause Im really bored oK GOGOGOGO!

I get annoyed when people think shipping all the canon couples is stupid. The reason I ship all of those canon couples such as Robstar is because the character are developed to be a good couple. Their personalities are developed so that the couple works well together. That’s why I ship all of the canon couples.

When I was younger I was always jealous of Raven because her thighs touched.

Do you like terra? 'Cause I don't. 'Nuff said. :T

I don’t mean to be rude or anything with Terra but I just don’t have any problem with her

She has a great character development, maybe even more than some of the titans, which I’ll admit kind of bothered me at first, but she was still a hell of a character, and because of her we got to see a different side of every single titan while facing betrayal

You and a lot of people don’t like Terra, and that’s okay, but I do have to say that her arc did help a lot in showing different sides of the Titans, especially Beast boy

I want another episode with Puppet King where he tires an alternative method, where peoples’ emotional attachments are swapped. Raven becomes obsessive over learning about Sarah Simms, Starfire loves video games, and Beast boy gets mechanical?

What really annoyed me as a child is how some characters eyebrow color doesn’t match their hair color.

I liked it when Raven had long hair

When I first watched ‘The End’ Part 3, I cried so much at such a small scene. The scene where Raven is trying to make Robin “get up” after Trigon “blasted” the Titans still makes me cry. It looked like Robin was dead (I mean, he wasn’t moving!) and you could see in Raven’s eyes that she thought so too as she tried to shake him to “wake up”

At the end of ‘Lightspeed’, I cried when Jinx picked up the rose and Kid Flash sped off into the night.